Landscape Contractor Magazine Article: Exceed Work Standards with Tobroco-Giant’s D337T X-TRA Articulated Loader

May 10, 2018

Tobroco Giant’s D337T X-TRA. As featured in the March/April Edition of Landscape Contractor Magazine

Tobroco Giant’s D337T X-TRA Articulated Loader is the solution your landscape business has been looking for.

Owners and operators depend on their machinery to make them more competitive so they’re more profitable. Having built over 15, 000 loaders in the Netherlands, the Giant loaders are an internationally reputable loader. The Loaders assist customers in achieving and exceeding work standards across a range of industries including forestry and arborists, landscaping, construction, earthmoving and material handling as well as industrial cleaning.

 Better manoeuvrability, performance with easy access for maintenance 

Focusing on landscaping, the Tobroco Giant Loaders are the perfect choice for contractors who particularly depend on their equipment to make a living.

Furthermore, the compact size, high tractive force and lifting power make the machine ideal for all challenges and tasks faced by Landscapers.

The D337T X-TRA also has a lower front frame which decreases the centre of gravity. This results in excellence on both the attachments and stability of the machine while also increasing the lifting capacity. A D337T X-TRA has a tipping load of 2.054 kg in comparison with 1.450kg for the standard model.

The new wheel loader has a 33hp, 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine. Equipped with a hydraulic pump from Bosch Rexroth, the D337T X-TRA has smooth and powerful driving characteristics. The service weight of the machines is 2.200kg (measured with earth bucket) and the lifting height is 2.45m. Like all Giant machines the pendulum joint between the front and back frame is completely free from maintenance.

The D337T X-TRA has a hydrostatic four-wheel drive with automotive control and has an automatic differential lock on both axles. In effect, this then gives the machine a maximum driving speed of 18km/h. The D337T X-TRA also comes in a HD version. This will therefor give the machine extra tractive force in its second gear.

Additionally, extras are available for customisation including: a safety roof deluxe, foldable safety roof or cabin are available for this model.

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