FEMAC Skid Steer and Excavator Mulcher Attachments

November 1, 2022

With all the recent rain in Australia, vegetation management will be in high demand around the country. To make sure that you are ready for these jobs you will need the right attachments for your machinery.

We distribute the high quality, Italian made FEMAC range of skid steer and excavator mulcher attachments. They are designed to process debris on the ground and clear trees, and brush along fences, roadways, and other hard-to-reach places. They are also ideal for land clearing, trail maintenance and clearing firebreaks.

Our wide range of FEMAC hydralic mulcher attachments include mulchers for 1.2 – 30 tonne excavators and 50 – 120 hp skid steer loaders.

When you are in need of vegetation management attachments for your business give us a call on (02) 4272 6044 or email sales@deltaequipment.com.au to find out more about our range of FEMAC skid steer and excavator mulcher attachments.