FEMAC Releases New T21 Hydraulic Mulcher

February 28, 2023

The T21, a new heavy duty excavator mulcher attachment from FEMAC SRL, has just been added to their lineup of hydraulic mulchers. For excavators weighing 16 to 30 tonnes, the FEMAC T21 Hydraulic Mulcher is a powerful mulching attachment.

The FEMAC patented, DFX fixed-tooth rotor introduces double blade technology with a horizontal cutting for general use and a vertical cutting for breaking heavy timber. It has a cutting capacity of Ø 50 cm.

FEMAC mulcher attachments for skid steers and excavators are Made in Italy by FEMAC SRL

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FEMAC T21 Hydraulic Excavator Mulcher Attachment Flail

FEMAC T21 Hydraulic Excavator Mulcher Attachment