Reduce fuel loads and create firebreaks with FEMAC Mulchers

August 9, 2023

In recent years Australia has had some devastating bushfires that have affected and displaced not only humans but also wildlife.

Planning and preparation can affect the impact of a bushfire. An important area is reducing the intensity of bushfires by reducing combustible fuel before fires start through fire mitigation. Creating firebreaks with reduced vegetation will act as barriers to slow down or stop the spread of bushfires, making it easier for firefighters to control the flames. By clearing vegetation, the risk of fire spreading rapidly can be mitigated.

FEMAC mulcher attachments can shred and mulch vegetation, such as trees, shrubs, and brush, into small pieces. They can help create firebreaks, clear defensible spaces around properties, and remove fuel sources that could potentially feed bushfires.

Effectively reduce fuel loads and create firebreaks with FEMAC mulcher attachments before the bushfire season hits Australia.

The FEMAC mulcher range has mulcher attachments to suit 1.2 Tonne to 20 Tonne and skid steers.

FEMAC mulchers are manufactured in Italy by FEMAC SRL

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