Varsara manufacturers a range of hydraulic rock breakers for excavators.


Muratori are Italian manufacturers of finishing lawn mower attachments that are ideal for turf care on tractors and mini loaders. Manufactured in Italy.


FEMAC S.R.L. are Italian manufacturers of quality mulcher and flail mower attachments for excavators and skid steers. Control and manage vegetation with the FEMAC range of high quality, innovative hydraulic skid steer and excavator mulcher attachments.

Gujer Innotec AG

Gujer Innotec is a manufacturer of compost turning machinery attachments. They are always guided by technological progress, attach great importance to quality, ecology and sustainability, in order to provide optimal concepts and customised attachments for a range of machines.​


M3 MetalMeccanicaModerna s.r.l. manufactures high quality concrete mixing bucket attachments for skid steers, tractors, mini loaders and excavators. The mixing bucket attachments are manufactured at the M3 factory in Italy. The range of the mixing bucket attachmets are ideal for mixing not only concrete but can be utilised for mixing fertilizers and animal feed.


Probst Handling Equipment produce high quality handling systems such as mechanical grabs for moving prefabricated concrete products and concrete walls, steps, pavers and sandstone blocks. The Probst grabs are ideal for use with any machine with sufficient lift capacity such as cranes, mini loaders, wheel loaders, skid steers and tractors. Manufactured in Germany.


Slanetrac produce a wide range of specialist vegetation management attachments for excavators, skid steers, loaders, tractors and mini diggers including finger bar hedge cutters, flail heads, saw heads and wire block paving brush cleaners. All Slanetrac  products are designed and built in Ireland. This ensures that the use of quality materials and a high standard of workmanship from start to finish can be guaranteed.


Tuchel manufacture a range of machinery attachments from road sweepers, snow blades and snow ploughs to hand-guided machinery and vehicles.  Manufactured in Germany.