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FEMAC T1 REV Hydraulic Mulcher for 1.2-3 T Excavators

$5,850.00$5,950.00 ex GST

The FEMAC T1REV hydraulic mulcher attachment is an ideal mulcher  for 1.2-3 tonne excavators.

The REV stands for reversible so this mulcher can be swept back and forth for continuous cutting without lifting off the ground.

It is a symmetrical mulcher, with identical input and output mouths. The faceplates are adjustable, opening fully, to allow higher cutting capacity. The excavator rotation allows faster cutting.

Available in 600 mm or 800 mm size.

Teeth Options: HF1 – max Ø  3 cm, KF1 – max Ø 2 cm

Made in Italy by FEMAC SRL


  • Sweeps back and forth for continuous cutting without lifting off the ground
  • Direct transmission.
  • Internally reinforced with double metal sheet.
  • Symmetrical shearing head for quick excavator rotation.
  • Identical input and output opening .
  • Protective cover for motor.
  • 4 line rotor with tempered blade M1F.
  • Inside rotor supports with ”labyrinth” for protection of bearings from debris.
  • High quality double row spherical adjustable bearings.
  • Valves block complete with priority valve for adjusting oil flow, anti-shock valve (pressure relief valve), anti-cavitation.
  • Gear motor.
  • Accident prevention rubber protections according to EC directives
Model Excavator (tonne) Cutting width (mm) Dimensions (LxAxH cm) Weight (Kg) Motor Displacement Oil L/min Pressure Bar (min-max)
Transmission Rotor Teeth
T1 60 REV 1.2-3.0 600 85x50x35 70 8-11 20-30 170-220 Direct Helical 10
T1 80 REV 1.2-3.0 800 100x50x35 80 8-11 30-40 170-220 Direct Helical 14

Teeth Options:

HF1 – max Ø  3 cm

FEMAC Hydraulic Mulcher Attachment HF1

KF1 – max Ø 2 cm

FEMAC Hydraulic Mulcher Attachment KF1


  • Mounting hitch & pins.
  • Kit hoses Lg. 2 meters.
  • Front, back chain protection.
  • Feeler roller.
  • Self-levelling support (+30kg).
  • Valves block deduction, only anti-cavitation.

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