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FEMAC T21 DFX REV Hydraulic Mulcher for 16-30 T Excavators

$44,900.00$51,000.00 ex GST

For excavators weighing 16 to 30 tonnes, the FEMAC T21 DFX Hydraulic Mulcher is a powerful mulching attachment with up to ⌀40 cm cutting capacity.  It features a patented fixed teeth rotor with bite limiter.

Available in 1,300 mm and 1,600 mm size. Wide range of flails and 3 types of rotors available.

Made in Italy by FEMAC SRL

  • Compact size
  • Piston motor
  • Patented DFX Rotor with fixed teeth in a widia or toughened blade.
  • Helicoidal rotor with 4 screws.
  • ⌀40 cm cut capacity
  • Depth controlled rotor (bite limiter)
  • Counter-blades that have been forged and toughened.
  • Durable hard wearing frame.
  • Symmetrical head for a faster cut as the excavator rotates.
  • Both the input and output jaws are fully adjustable and identical.
  • Toothed high-performance belts transmission.
  • Internally reinforced double-case body with interspace.
  • Belts with protection cover.
  • Fully openable hydraulic hoods for greater cutting capacity.
  • Internal Rotor Labyrinth-shaped supports are used to protect bearings from contaminants.
  • High quality adjustable bearings.
  • Valves block completely using a priority valve for adjusting the oil flow, anti-shock valve (pressure relief valve), anti-cavitation.
  • According to EC directives, accident prevention chains provide protection.
  • Made in Italy
Model Excavator (tonne) Cutting width (mm) Dimensions (LxAxH cm) Weight (Kg) Motor Displacement Oil L/min Pressure Bar (min-max)
Transmission Rotor Teeth
T21 DFX130 REV 16-30 1300 170x87x106 1300 45-60-80 100-130 180 200-350 1 (55 mm) Helical 28
T21 DFX160 REV 16-30 1600 190x87x106 1400 45-60-80 100-130 180 200-350 1 (55 mm) Helical 32

Teeth Options:

FEMAC HF20 Teeth for T21 Excavator Mulcher

HF20 – ⌀40 cm


FEMAC HF20 Teeth for T20 Excavator Mulcher

HF21 – ⌀35 cm




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