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Gujer TG 301 Compost Turner for Tractors from 70 HP

The Gujer TG 301 compost turner attachment has an optimal weight distribution, is mechanically operated, simple to use, stable, and manoeuvrable. Use with tractors from 70 hp.

Suitable for producing up to 6,000 tonnes of compost annually on organic farms, small composting facilities, field edges and windrows.

  • Capacity of up to 700 m³/h.
  • Maneuverable machine – the TG 301 has a length of only 3.83 m.
  • Low maintenance costs and easy to maintain
  • Simple to use and move around
  • The massive tunnel-shaped dome’s 6 mm steel construction delivers excellent stability and eliminates any structural weak areas.
  • Powder coated for corrosion protection.
  • Chromed steel is used for all of the wear plates.
  • A sturdy axle with balanced rotation spins the compost material effectively (from the inside to the outside)
  • Fast aerobic composting, depending on the material – within 8 – 12 weeks
  • Low ground pressure is achieved by large, broad tyres.
  • The protection of rural roads and farm tracks and the machine’s ideal weight distribution are made possible by the counterweight on a swivel. The overall weight is thus decreased to 1,500 kg.
  • The turning tunnel is supported by a large wheel. Quick rotation without tools. (Using the rotational wheel assists transportation on the road.)

Gujer compost turner attachments are manufactured in Switzerland by GUJER INNOTECT AG

Technical Facts TG 301

  • Capacity from 700 m³/h
  • Tunnel width 3.0 m
  • Total width in transport position 2.15 m
  • Total Length 3.83 m
  • Tunnel height  1.65 m
  • Total height (support wheel swiveled backwards, transport position)     3.8 m
  • Ideal working speed 300 – 400 m/h
  • Weight (incl. wide base tires and rotatable counterweight) 3’650 kg
  • Windrow Width x Height  3.0 x 1.5 m

TG 301 Basic equipment, mechanical design

  • Tunnel with chrome steel plates, direct drive on transfer shaft
  • Large support wheel outside the tunnel (swivel)
  • Mechanical feeding plates
  • Braked axle, manual brake, parking brake
  • Width of tires 19.00-45 / 17 AW
  • Lighting System
  • Front trailer hitch: DIN coupling
  • Rear weight
  • Lateral weight (mechanically turns out to lower the tunnel)
  • Joint shaft with shear bolts

Tractor Requirements

  • For tractors with total width up to 2.5 m
  • For tractors with at least 70 up to 120 PS
  • For tractors with creep speed: in first gear    300 – 400 m/h, 540 rpm at the PTO
  • In the case that the tractor goes faster than 400 m/h, a drive shaft must be ordered (optional)
  • Tractor working pressure 190 – 200 bar
  • For the standard model TG 301 the tractor needs a shuttle valve with floating position (A two plug connector)
  • Lateral weight, hydraulically swiveling (via control valve tractor)
  • Hydraulic feeding plate, right side (by tractor control valve)
  • Water sprinklers with nozzles
  • Complete irrigation system hydraulically driven including water pump, spray boom with nozzles, tank frame, 1’000 L tank (via control valve tractor)
  • Double water tank with double brackets
  • Hydraulic skid steer for optimal ground clearance (via control valve tractor)
  • Hydraulic tilting system of the tunnel (by tractor control valve).
  • Through the inclination of the tunnel, the battery is not going to the field, e.g. in plants the battery is always easily removable.
  • Fleece guides front and rear
  • Scharmüller K80 ball hitch or Piton
  • Rear tow hitch
  • Drive shaft with continuous traction and tires AS (studs)
  • Electro valve with control panel; Simple, double or triple (for missing control valves on the tractor)

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