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Tuchel-Sweep KOMPAKT Sweeper Attachment

This compact sweeper attachment is ideal for zipping around with a small machine when you have to clean areas quickly and without any fuss. The Tuchel-Sweep KOMPAKT sweeper attachment has been designed compact tractor, mini loaders, skid steers or yard loaders.  100% PP brush discs in honeycomb shape (ø 520 mm) stand for high durability!

This sweeper attachment can be used in all seasons especially during the hard freeze in winter. The user-friendly adjusting-lever allows a smooth adjustment of the brush. The basic configuration of this sweeper attachment includes optional PTO-drive via PTO-shaft or hydraulic drive.

If the KOMPAKT Sweeper attachment is combined with the optional hopper then it can be used for both for both collecting dirt and simple sweeping!The mechanical angling of this sweeper attachment, whether simply sweeping or sweeping with hopper, means the hopper does not have to be dismounted.

Clean pavements, squares and roads quite simply with the Tuchel-Sweep KOMPAKT sweeper.


  • Working width:  135  /  150  /  175  cm
  • Brush: Ø 520 mm, 100 % PP-Beeline in honey-comb shape
  • Easy brush adjustment by the proven Tuchel adjusting-lever system
  • Mechanical angling
  • Splash guard
  • The dense brush ensures high durability
  • Option, incl. PTO-drive by PTO-shaft incl. height adjustable gear (PTO-shaft included in delivery) or hydraulic drive
  • Brand-named support-wheels: Ø 200 x 50 mm

Why Operators Prefer Tuchel Broom Attachments:

  • All Tuchel broom attachments drive forward
  • Ergonomic design – operator doesn’t have to bend neck or twist his back to see cleaning area.
  • More efficient debris removal than bucket brooms
  • Designed for safety and operator comfort – clear visibility of attachment and cleaning area
  • Performance and efficiency of the broom
  • Fine adjustment so operators can perfectly set it to the right height

Manufacture of Tuchel takes place by Tuchel Maschinenbau GmbH in Germany.

Quality Sweeper Broom Attachment Made in Germany


Technical data 135
Working Width mm (straight/angled)
1,300/1,270 1,500/1,410 1,750/1,650
Brush ø  mm 520 520 520
Total Width mm
1,560 1,710 1,960
Required oil flow (at 160 bar)  l/min 25 25 25
Weight * simple sweeping kg
185 192 203
Weight incl. hopper*  kg 234 244 259
Fill capacity l 130 145 170

incl. A-frame CAT communal

Measurements and weights in these specifications are approximate and non-binding

Hitch systems:

  • Hitch system for small tractors, yard loaders, small wheel loaders, mini loaders
  • A-frame / three-point linkage incl. pendulum compensation
  • Attachment system for communal vehicles incl. pendulum compensation
  • Attachment system for small tractors, yard loaders, small wheel loaders and mini loaders incl. levelling and pendulum compensation, incl. hydraulic drive and reinforced wheels

Each machine can be configured individually according to your requirements.

  • Large hopper incl. hydraulic tip, 3rd wheel and PU-lip (to avoid side-slip of stones)
  • High-fill flap to increase fill-capacity of hopper (+ 30% approx.)
  • PTO-shaft
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Mixed brush (50% wire / 50% PP) or snow brush
  • Water-spray system, incl. water-pump and 100 l tank (for rear-mounting via three-point linkage)
  • Hydraulic angling (1 additional double-acting hydraulic drive circuit required)
  • Hydraulic side brush, adjustable (for corner sweeping)
  • 3rd support-wheel incl. height adjustment, for simple sweeping
  • Splash guard for winter service
  • Reinforced wheels ø 200 x 50 mm for hard work
  • Road traffic equipment (prescribed to drive on public roads)
  • Extra colour shade

Manufacture of Tuchel takes place by Tuchel Maschinenbau GmbH in Germany.  For more information call (02) 4272 6044 or contact us.

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