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Probst AIRLIFT ALX Vacuum Hand Laying Tool

Lightweight, ergonomic and strong. The portable vacuum lifter for porous tiles, natural stones or slabs of concrete.

With the adaptable AIRLIFT ALX-120, lay slabs with speed and accuracy.

  • Lightweight – only 6 kg, the backpack vacuum blower increases flexibility during installation.
  • For tiles, porous concrete slabs, natural stones, etc.
  • Take slabs from the top: this protects the edges and allows precise laying.
  • 120 kg maximum load capacity.
  • Suitable for use with any 230V socket.
  • ALX-120-DUO-Set and ALX-120-SOLO-Set can be used with an additional adapter on FXAH-120.
Type Order no. Description Dimensions LxW (in) Electric Connection/ AC (50 Hz) Voltage (V) Total Weight (lbs) Working Load Limit/ WLL (lbs)
ALX-120 52600018 Vacuum hand laying device consisting of backpack vacuum blower, ALX-120-Solo-Set hand carry handle and suction plate ALX-ESP-50 (working load limit 50 kg). 10×10 230 (110 V on request) 30 265
ALX-120-DUO-Set: With the carrying handle ALX-120-DUO-Set you work in an upright position with two people. The load is put down via the control switch on the cable.
Type Order no. Description Total Weight (kg)
ALX-120-DUO-Set 42600209 Carry handle for two persons 8.5
ALX-120-HG 42600206 Additional handle for the ALX-120-SOLO-Set and FXAH-120-SOLO-Set carry handles 0.4
ALX-120-H 42600207 Mounting bracket for backpack Vacuum blower on ALX-120-DUO set 0.3
ALX-ESP-12-80/280 42600194 Suction plate 80×280
ALX-ESP-18-165/165 42600193 Suction plate 165×165
ALX-ESP-25-102/380 42600195 Suction plate 102×380
ALX-ESP-35-153/318 42600196 Suction plate 153×318
ALX-ESP-50-255/255 42600191 Suction plate 255×255
ALX-ESP-120-58/27 42600210 Suction plate 580×270

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