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Probst Modular Grab FTZ-Multi-15

The FTZ-Multi-15 grab is a modular grab that can be equipped with different grippers to suit the required job. The FTZ-Multi-15 grab is a single clamp top basic unit and then the relevant grippers are attached.

  • Extraordinary large gripping range, suitable for gripping nearly all kind of standard concrete elements and natural stones.
  • The individual modules are available separately and hence a huge range of applications can be covered at a reasonable price (base body + 3 sets of grippers cover the entire spectrum!)
  • Ideal for lifting, moving and placing precast concrete kerb, rocks, blocks and paving layers
  • Ideal attachment for a range of machinery including excavators and loaders.

Durable galvanised surface protection!

Grippers (sold as a pair):

WB-G-42: Short rubber grippers for individual elements

WB-G-12: Long rubber grippers for block layers  such as a layer of pavers or blocks

WB-SQ: Special interlocking steel finger grippers allow for safe installation of roughly-cut ashlar rocks. With integrated chain guard.


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Probst Grabs are made in Germany by Probst GmbH

Quality Sweeper Broom Attachment Made in Germany

Type FTZ-Multi-15 FTZ-Multi-15






Gripping range: 200 – 1,250 mm 200 – 1,200 mm 200 – 1,200 mm
Inside height: 255 mm 255 mm 300 mm
Gripper length: 420 mm 1200 mm 720 mm
Working load limit: 1,500 kg 1,500 kg 1,500 kg 1,500 kg
Dead weight: 96 kg 14 kg 46 kg 33 kg
Surface protection: Galvanised Galvanised Galvanised Galvanised

Gripping range indicates the minimum and maximum pack measurements of building materials, which can be picked-up with this grab.


Probst Grab FTZ-Multi-15-WB-G-42 Concrete Stones Rocks Blocks Kerbstones


Probst Grab FTZ-Multi-15-WB-G120 Concrete Stones Rocks Blocks Kerbstone (5)


Probst Grab FTZ-Multi-15-WB-SQ Concrete Stones Rocks Blocks (6)


Probst Adjustable Height Stop HVA-FTZ/TSZ

Probst Adjustable Height Stop HVA-FTZ/TSZ

Adjustable Height Stop HVA-FTZ/TSZ for all versions FTZ-UNI/MAXI/MULTI and TSZ-UNI/MAXI. Adjustable range approx. 50 – 140 mm ( 2 – 5½)

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