The Probst MULTIMOBIL is the slim all-rounder for landscaping. Transport concrete and bulk landscaping material around sites with ease.

The narrow laying trolley moves large loads directly to the laying location quickly and without effort. Even to places where no other vehicle can go! Due to the narrow vehicle width of only 700 mm, the MULTIMOBIL MM can also get through normal doors and thus also into private gardens.

The two interchangeable bodies can be changed easily, quickly and without tools by one person thanks to the practical body change system.
1. Interchangeable body with mast and articulated boom
2. Tiltable/interchangeable body

1. Interchangeable body with mast and articulated boom:
Transport and handling of concrete and natural stone elements
Flexible platform construction, with height-adjustable mast and articulated boom, which can be equipped with a wide range of attachment tools. (see accessories)
If required, the platform superstructure can be placed on supports so that the laying work can also be carried out without the chassis. The optional counterweight set MM-GS ensures the necessary stability. A second person can thus work in parallel with the chassis and the tilting / interchangeable body.

2. Tilting / interchangeable body MM-KA:
Transport of bulk materials
Optionally available tipper body with hydraulically tipping trough, hydraulic actuated self-loading bucket, quick-change couplings
for the 4 hydraulic connections and 4 telescopic supports for parking the body.

The articulated boom of the platform superstructure can be extended with different attachment tools
These items are:

MM-GREENLINE: Emission-free operation thanks to electric drive – of particular advantage when working in public facilities or on construction sites with large public traffic. Incl. interchangeable body with mast and articulated boom. Powered by a rechargeable 48 V lithium-ion battery. Operating time with one battery charge: 2 hours at maximum performance. In practice, up to one day, depending on the application. Charging time approx. 8 hours.

MM-D: Crawler chassis with Yanmar diesel engine incl. interchangeable body with mast and articulated boom.


Order no. 43500032 43500031 43500033
Description Crawler chassis with interchangeable body with mast and articulated boom Crawler chassis with interchangeable body with mast and articulated boom Tilting/interchangeable body (Dump body and self-loading shovel)
Type of Drive electric/Battery (kW) 5.5
Load Extension (mm) 1700/2100/2600 1700/2100/2600
Width (mm) 700 700
Weight Dead Weight (kg) 770 610 235
Driving Speed (km/h) 1.5/3.0 1.6/5.2
Payload (kg) 400 400 450
Working Load Limit/WLL (kg) 150/85/50 150/85/50
Type of Drive Diesel Engine (kW) 4.9
Volume Hopper (m³) 0.3
Volume Shovel (m³) 0.05

Attached to the electric wire rope hoist (230 V, wired):
– Mechanical grab, e.g. EASYGRIP EXG/EXG-MAXI Border Stone Handle
– Ergonomic Vacuum Control Unit VS-ERGO-SPS-50-29/22 in conjunction with SPEEDY VS as vacuum generator

Combined with the vacuum generator VGE-230 on the loading area:
– Vacuum Lifting Hose Units HE-35 to HE-150, Operating Valve Unit BE-Sprint-2, Ergonomic Vacuum Control Unit BE-ERGOSPRINT, Hose Cylinder Extension SZV with corresponding suction plates
– FLIEGUAN-HANDY FXH-25 Vacuum Hand Laying Device
– FLIEGUAN-ERGO-STICK FXES-25 Tile and Slab Laying Device
– MICROJUMBO-JET MJ-J Vacuum Slab Layer