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Probst Round Pipe Grab RG-100/150-SAFELOCK

On plumbing or civil construction projects, the Probst Round Pipe Grab with SAFELOCK is intended to lift, move, and place pipes. This mechanical pipe grab has a safety latch that keeps the clamping force in place even when used incorrectly.

Contractors can lay concrete pipes with external diameters ranging from 920 mm to 1,530 mm using the Probst RG-100/150-SAFELOCK mechanical round pipe grab, which is intended to lift, move, and place huge pipes.

A safety latch on the grab keeps the clamping force in place even when used incorrectly

  • Patented safety locking mechanism: When lifting the pipe, the grab creates tension on the pipe, that is maintained even after the product is set down. Only the operator can deliberately initiate the release of the internal interlocking system.
  • Threaded spindles allow for simple, continuous adjustment of the exterior diameter on a scale ranging from 920 mm to 1,530 mm. Crank included in the delivery
  • One-person operation
  • Featuring adjustable height supports that can be adjusted with a scale and using the external pipe diameter. This ensures a perfect grab position.
  • The slimline design allows joint-sleeve pipes that are lying close together to be picked up easily for truck loading and to be laid in  very narrow trenches
  • Features handles to guide the grab
  • Replaceable steel grab clamps with a reliable grip
  • Optional: rubber grips for gripping plastic pipes
  • Quality grab – designed and manufactured in Germany
  • Ideal for laying large heavy concrete pipes on civil construction sites

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Probst Grabs are made in Germany by Probst GmbH  and distributed in Australia by Delta Equipment Australia

Quality Sweeper Broom Attachment Made in Germany

Type RG-100/150-SAFELOCK
Outside diameter of pipe: 970 – 1,530 mm
Gripper length: 460 mm
Working load limit: 6,000 kg
Dead weight: 550 kg
Surface protection: Galvanised


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