Tuchel-Sweep PROFI GIGANT Sweeper Attachment

The Tuchel-Sweep PROFI-GIGANT Sweeper attachment has been designed for the cleaning of extra large surfaces, such as airports, harbours, industrial plants, recycling companies, building-sites and industrial surfaces. With its massive design, for large tractors and wheel loaders, it doesn’t shy away from anything.

The hitch-pendulum joint protects the PROFI-GIGANT Sweeper attachment against overcharge when used with heavy carrier-vehicles and ensures an optimum bottom guidance. With its various working widths, from 260 cm up to 350 cm, and a brush diameter of 800 mm it cleans everything! The brush is driven by two strong, internal hydraulic motors with an oil flow controller. The machine has a special adjusting-lever system to adjust the brush, which ensures the brush wears down regularly.

The PROFI-GIGANT Sweeper attachment can be used with a hydraulic collector or for simple sweeping, without detaching the collector (hydraulic lifting, with shut-off cock).


  • Working width:  260  /  290  /  320  /  350  cm
  • Brush Ø 800 mm, 100 % PP-Beeline in honey-comb shape. The dense brush ensures high durability, very well suitable for coarse dirt.
  • 3D-level compensation (pivoting part incl. pendulum joint and roller guide)
  • Easy brush adjustment by an adjusting-lever
  • Two internal hydraulic motors (incl. oil flow controller > 90 liters, 1″ hydraulic connectors)
  • Broom with overrun control
  • Splash guard
  • Brand-named support-wheels Ø 410 x 145 mm

Why Operators Prefer Tuchel Broom Attachments:

  • All Tuchel broom attachments drive forward
  • Ergonomic design – operator doesn’t have to bend neck or twist his back to see cleaning area.
  • More efficient debris removal than bucket brooms
  • Designed for safety and operator comfort – clear visibility of attachment and cleaning area
  • Performance and efficiency of the broom
  • Fine adjustment so operators can perfectly set it to the right height

Manufacture of Tuchel takes place by Tuchel Maschinenbau GmbH in Germany.

Quality Sweeper Broom Attachment Made in Germany


Technical data 260
Working Width (straight/angled) mm
2600/2360 2900/2630 3200/2900 3500/3170
Brush ø mm 800 800 800 800
Total width mm 295 325 355 385
Required oil flow (at 160 bar) l/min 100 100 100 100
Weight simple sweeping kg
1357 1399 1443 1486
Weight incl. hopper* kg 1864 1932 2002 2071
Fill capacity l 760 850 935 1025

* incl. quick hitch for wheel loaders

Measurements and weights in these specifications are approximate and non-binding

Hitch systems:

  • Quick-hitch for wheel-/ telescopic loaders with 3D levelling and height indication
  • Three-point linkage CAT I/II incl. 3D levelling and height indicator

Each machine can be configured individually according to your requirements.

  • Large hopper incl. PU-lip, high-fill flap, hydraulic tip (via 2 cylinders, incl. shut-off cock for simple sweeping) and integrated 3rd and 4th support-wheel
  • Hydraulic angling via 2 cylinders (1 additional double-acting hydraulic drive circuit required)
  • Water-spray system incl. 2 x 200 l tanks and intermitting pump for dust suppression
  • Fully adjustable hydraulic side brush for corner sweeping, incl. speed regulation and shut-off cock
  • Road traffic equipment (prescribed to drive on public roads)
  • Extra colour shade

Tuchel sweeper and broom attachments are manufactured by Tuchel Maschinenbau GmbH in Germany. For more information call (02) 4272 6044 or contact us

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