Councils, Government & Educational Institutions Mini Loaders & Attachments

Councils Government and Educational Institutions are choosing an environmentally friendly way to remove weeds and clean roads and pathways. Tobroco-Giant Loaders allow operators to transform the machine to cover all tasks as well as make them more efficient.

Many councils, government and educational institutions already benefit from Tobroco-Giant loaders internationally across Europe, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand. This also includes use in grounds management and agricultural departments. No matter the task, there’s an attachment to suit. Specialist attachments are available for a range of applications including shrubbery, tree and lawn maintenance, as well as street cleaners.

As a result of the multi-functional Giant loaders, councils government and educational institutions receive a range of benefits:

  • Versatility: More than 200 specialist attachments to perform a wide range of tasks
  • Performance: Giant Loaders boast huge Weight to Lift Capacity ratio, and class leading specifications
  • Footprint: With articulated chassis, and flotation style tyres, Giant Loaders are excellent for delicate surfaces
  • Safety: Excellent visibility, stability and easy access keep your team working smarter, longer and safer
  • Quality: European built with only the highest quality components including Kubota Engines

See our full range of Loaders here. Tobroco Giant Loaders and attachments are manufactured by Tobroco Giant in the Netherlands. For more information call 02 4272 6044 or contact us.


Cost Effective & Environmentally Friendly

  • Standard machines are fitted with large water and oil coolers
  • Easy and inexpensive to service
  • Low emissions

Cabin Options

  • Work in changing weather conditions
  • ROPS / FOPS safety roof, incl. safety doors left and right
  • Luxury seat with safety belt, armrest and extended backrest

Excellent Visibility

  • Work safely an efficiently
  • See what you are doing at all times
  • Unobstructed view to both the surroundings and the results of your work

Easy Controls

  • Easily learnt driving and operating technique
  • Compact, powerful & easy to control
  • Turning radius less than 1.5 meters
  • Main switch


  • Driving speed of up to 20 km/h
  • Tires to suit any surface also available
  • Over 100 attachments to choose from


  • Luxury seat with safety belt, armrest and extended backrest
  • Work more productively and save time