Farming & Agriculture Mini Loaders & Attachments

Giant: Big Impact, Big Performance In Agriculture

Delta Equipment features a full range of machines and attachments for your day-to-day and more physically challenging farm jobs. Whether you’re feeding cattle, cleaning out stables, mowing grasslands or property maintenance. With the right attachment one loader can perform all of these tasks.

Increased tipping loads and lifting power makes Giant a versatile tool for all farm work. With lift capacities up to 2250kg, indoor and outdoor capability in addition to over 200 attachments available, the Giant is a no-brainer. With low cost maintenance, the Giant Loaders are a prominent choice in farming and agriculture globally.

Speedy & Efficient

Bigger farms may require more lifting power and faster machinery making the Giant perfect. The compact loaders can travel up to 25 km/h allowing farmers to move efficiently about the farm saving time and money. Due to a high oil flow to the working hydraulics the machine is capable of working with heavy attachments that need a high output.

Besides the standard attachments like manure forks, bale clamps and pallet forks, there are various special attachments available including feed auger’s, feed and manure scraper and bag lifting arms. We will be expanding this range further over the coming years based on our customer feedback and requirements.

See our full range of Loaders here. Tobroco Giant Loaders and attachments are manufactured by Tobroco Giant in the Netherlands. For more information call 02 4272 6044 or contact us.



  • ECO drive (max. torque at optimal rpm)
  • Easy and inexpensive to service
  • Load sensing system 80L/Min/250 bar ensuring optimal performance

Cabin Options

  • Work in changing weather conditions
  • Luxury mechanic suspended, cloth seat
  • Joystick integrated in armrest

Excellent Visibility

  • Work safely and efficiently
  • Large field of view and a comfortable workplace in the spacious cab

Easy Controls

  • Luxury dashboard with speed indicator and board computer
  • Double acting hydraulic valve on lifting arm (80 L/min, 200 bar)
  • Electric proportional in joystick

Versatile Working

  • Pre-compensated LS (load sensing) valve block with pressure independent flow control.
  • Manoeuvre easily in tight spots
  • Driving speed of 25km/h