Commercial Landscaping Mini Loaders & Attachments

Make A Giant Leap On Landscaping With Tobroco

Tobroco Giant Loaders are the perfect choice for contractors who depend on their equipment to make a living. The compact size, high tractive force as well as the impressive lifting power make the machine ideal for all Landscaping tasks.

With Giant loaders and attachments, you can reduce manual labour, increase efficiency and exceed expectations on jobs on every job.

With over 200 loader attachments, Tobroco Giant will cover all your landscaping & maintenance needs.

Treat Gentle Surfaces With Care

Articulated chassis and flotation style tyres make Giant loaders perfect to drive on all surfaces without damage. With up to 76 hp Kubota turbo engines, there’s also plenty of power for any heavy-duty jobs. This ranges from moving stone and brick pallets, lifting and carrying fertiliser sacks as well as material handling of all sizes.

Spreading surface materials, such as crushed stone and saw dust, is quick and effective with a Giant Loader.

Versatile & Efficient

In landscaping, work environments and sites vary hugely from one project to another so machine versatility is important. When you need to move from one site to another in quick pace, easy transportability becomes a distinct advantage.

The compact loaders work on every site with easy transport using a trailer.

With its 360-degree operating visibility, smooth handling and easy hop on-hop off, the Giant machine is efficient, safe and up and running in a few seconds.

See our full range of Loaders here. Tobroco Giant Loaders and attachments are manufactured by Tobroco Giant in the Netherlands. For more information call 02 4272 6044 or contact us.


Cost-Effective & Environmentally Friendly

  • Standard machines are fitted with large water and oil coolers
  • Easy on the environment with low C02 emissions
  • Tires to suit any surface also available

Cabin Options

  • Work in changing weather conditions
  • ROPS / FOPS safety roof, incl. safety doors left and right
  • Luxury seat with safety belt, armrest and extended backrest
  • Available with AC and air suspension seat


  • Driving speed of up to 20 km/h
  • Tires to suit any surface also available
  • Over 100 attachments to choose from


  • Luxury seat with safety belt, armrest and extended backrest
  • Work more productively and save time

Easy to Drive

  • Easily learnt driving and operating technique
  • Compact, powerful & easy to control
  • Turning radius less than 1.5 meters