Machinery Attachments and Mini Track Dumpers

Tobroco Giant D337T Articulated Wheel Loader


The GIANT D337T is part of the C-Series range. A combination of mechanically driven heavy axles shafts and an automatic differential lock result in converting the GIANT’s power to push force. Hence, the GIANT is equipped with a Bosch Rexroth automotive hydraulic pump, which contributes to an extremely smooth and powerful ride.

  • Hitch: GIANT Standard (Hydraulically)
  • ROPS / FOPS safety roof, incl. safety doors left and right
  • Double acting hydraulic valve at the front (mechanical)
  • Hydraulic servicebreak on 4 wheels
  • Floating position on lifting cylinder(s)
  • Luxury seat with safety belt, armrest and extended backrest
  • Main switch
  • Towing hook at the back
  • Working light on lifting arm
  • Cyclone filter
  • Oil cooler


Standard Version

EngineKubota D1105-T (3 cylinder),
Engine power33 hp / 24 kW
Service weight12,100 kg
Lifting capacity1,650 kg
Tipping load21,450 kg
Lifting height22,825 mm
Length without bucket2,975 mm
Width on standard tires1,080 mm
Driving mechanismHydrostatic 4 wheel drive with automotive control with axles
ControlDrive back and forward through electrical switch
Differential lockElectric controlled length differential lock
Driving hydraulics135 ltr/min (350 bar)
Working hydraulics45 ltr/min (170 bar)
Driving speed0-18 km/h
Parking brakeDrum brakes
ColourGIANT yellow / GIANT grey / black




AWheelbase1,515 mm
BTotal length (without bucket)2,975 mm
CTotal length (with bucket)3,690 mm
DLength 3-point lifting arm622 mm
EMin. height 3-point hitch134 mm
FMax. height 3-point hitch797 mm
GSeat top height1,256 mm
HMax. height with ROPS/FOPS safetyroof2,300 mm
IMax. height with ROPS/FOPS cabin2,284 mm
JHeight frontframe1,480 mm
KDumping height1,988 mm
LMax. height pivot2,825 mm
MMax. height with bucket3,392 mm
NRollback angle (on the ground)43°
ORollback angle at max. lifting height53°
PDumping angle (max.)47°
QLoading angle (max.)29°
RDiameter standard tireø760 mm
1AMaximum radius external2,599 mm
1BRadius at the outer edge2,292 mm
1CInside turning radius1,179 mm
1DMin. machine width1,040 mm


Dimensions are measured on standard tires



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