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FEMAC T1 REV Hydraulic Mulcher for Excavators 1.2-2.5 tonne


The FEMAC T1REV hydraulic mulcher attachment is ideal for 1.2-2.5 tonne excavators.

It is a symmetrical mulcher, with identical input and output mouths. The faceplates are adjustable and open fully, to allow higher cutting capacity. It allows a faster cutting thanks to the excavator rotation.

Available in 600 mm or 800 mm size.

Made in Italy by FEMAC SRL


  • Direct transmission.
  • Internally reinforced with double metal sheet.
  • Symmetrical shearing head for quick excavator rotation.
  • Identical input and output opening .
  • Protective cover for motor.
  • 4 line rotor with tempered blade M1F.
  • Inside rotor supports with ”labyrinth” for protection of bearings from debris.
  • High quality double row spherical adjustable bearings.
  • Valves block complete with priority valve for adjusting oil flow, anti-shock valve (pressure relief valve), anti-cavitation.
  • Gear motor.
  • Accident prevention rubber protections according to EC directives


Model Excavator (tonne) Cutting width (mm) Dimensions (LxAxH cm) Weight (Kg) Motor Displacement Oil L/min Pressure Bar (min-max)
Transmission Rotor Teeth
T1 60 REV 1.2-2.5 60 85x50x35 70 8-11 20-30 170-220 Direct 4 lines 12
T1 80 REV 1.2-2.5 80 100x50x35 80 8-11 20-30 170-220 Direct 4 lines 16


Teeth Options:

HF1 – max Ø  3 cm

FEMAC Hydraulic Mulcher Attachment HF1

KF1 – max Ø 2 cm

FEMAC Hydraulic Mulcher Attachment KF1


  • Mounting hitch & pins.
  • Kit hoses Lg. 2 meters.
  • Front, back chain protection.
  • Feeler roller.
  • Self-levelling support (+30kg).
  • Valves block deduction, only anti-cavitation.