Machinery Attachments and Mini Track Dumpers

FEMAC T20 Hydraulic Mulcher for Excavators 15-30 tonne


The FEMAC T20 Hydraulic Mulcher is a heavy duty flail mower attachment for 15 – 30 tonne machines.

Available in 1300 mm and 1800 mm size. Wide range of flails and 3 types of rotors available.

Made in Italy by FEMAC SRL


  • DF Rotor with fixed teeth in widia or hardened blade.
  • Helicoidal rotor with 3 screws.
  • Forged and hardened counter-blades.
  • Very hard anti-wear frame.
  • Funnel-shaped frame for higher cutting capacity.
  • Toothed high-performance belts transmission.
  • Internally rienforced double-case body with interspace.
  • Protective belts cover.
  • Hydraulic hoods, fully openable for higher cutting capacity.
  • Inside Rotor Supports with ”labyrinth” for the protection of the bearings from the impurities.
  • Adjustable bearings of 1st quality.
  • Valves block complete with priority valve for adjusting oil flow, anti-shock valve (pressure relief valve), anti-cavitation.
  • Piston motor.
  • Dual row protection chains for better protection.
  • Accident prevention chains protections according to EC directives.


Model Excavator (tonne) Cutting width (mm) Dimensions (LxAxH cm) Weight (Kg) Motor Displacement Oil L/min Pressure Bar (min-max)
Transmission Rotor Teeth
T20 DF130 15.0-30.0 130 170x100x90 1.050 45-60-80 100-130 180 200-350 1 (55 mm) Helical 36
T20 DF180 20.0-30.0 180 220x100x90 1.320 45-60-80 100-130 180 200-350 1 (55 mm) Helical 54


Flail Options:

HF14 –  Ø 25 cm

FEMAC Hydraulic Mulcher Flail MOwer Rotor HF14

HF15 –  Ø 20 cm

FEMAC Hydraulic Mulcher Flail MOwer HF15


Rotor Options :

DF – Forestal rotor

FEMAC Hydraulic Mulcher Flail MOwer Rotor DF