Machinery Attachments and Mini Track Dumpers

Probst EASYGRIP EXG Border Stone Handle Grab


Small, lightweight, easy to handle grab that is also ultra-strong!

EASYGRIP EXG is a mechanical grab attachment suitable for handling parallel, plain and non-conical concrete elements, such as border stones, slabs, block steps and kerb stones. It is ideal for laying of landscaping materials.

  • The compact and lightweight EASYGRIP EXG can be attached to a cranes, excavators, tractors, skid steers and mini loaders with hoisting belts or chains. This means just one person is needed to operate the grab mechanically.
  • The grab comes with two handles, one on each side, so it can be grabbed on either side. It also makes it suitable for a two-person manual operation if required.
  • Available in 2 sizes – EXG and EXG-MAXI

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Probst Grabs are made in Germany by Probst GmbH and distributed in Australia by Delta Equipment Australia

Quality Sweeper Broom Attachment Made in Germany


Type Gripping Range* W mm (in) Inside Height ** E mm (in) Gripper Length L mm (in) Working Load Limit WLL kg (lbs) Dead Weight kg (lbs)
EXG 0 – 300 (0 – 11¾) 145 – 195 (5¾ – 7½) 235 (9¼) 550 (1,200) 12 (26)
EXG-MAXI 0 – 400 (0 – 15¾) 165 – 215 (6½ – 8½) 235 (9¼) 600 (1,320) 15 (33)

*Gripping range indicates the minimum and maximum pack measurements of building materials, which can be picked-up with this grab.
** depending on gripping range