Machinery Attachments and Mini Track Dumpers

Probst Manual Boulder Grab H-FVZ-UNI


The Probst Manual Boulder Grab is a grab which can be carried by two people to lift, move and place smaller boulders and rocks.

When you’re building stone and rock walls this grab is ideal for lifting, moving and placing rocks and stones which vary in shapes and size.

  • Equipped with a ring-eyelet to be hooked onto any kind of lifting device with the right lifting capacity to meet the Working Load Limit.
  • Equipped with a simple and fast gripping range adjustment.
  • Galvanised finish

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Probst Grabs are made in Germany by Probst GmbH and distributed in Australia by Delta Equipment Australia

Quality Sweeper Broom Attachment Made in Germany


Gripping range: 0 – 600 mm
Working load limit: 200 kg
Dead weight: 18 kg
Surface protection: Galvanised

Gripping range indicates the minimum and maximum pack measurements of building materials, which can be picked-up with this grab.