Machinery Attachments and Mini Track Dumpers

Tuchel-Sweep PROFI CHAMP Sweeper Attachment for Large Tractors and Wheel Loaders


The Tuchel-Sweep PROFI-CHAMP Sweeper attachment is ideal for construction sites, mines and large work sites where large machines are used. With its internal hydraulic motor, the 750 mm broom, robust frame, top-quality hydraulic components and the extra big wheels makes it ideal for big jobs on extreme sites.

The standard brush is a 100% PP WaveLine mixture in honey-comb shape with CrownLock system. The special Tuchel adjusting-lever system, with an optimized sweeping-angle, ensures equal bottom guidance. To protect the hydraulic-components an after-running controller for the main brush has been integrated into the sweeping machine. The 3D levelling has been developed for the PROFI CHAMP Sweeper attachment to be used with large wheel loaders and large tractors. It includes a large pendulum adapter to optimise the balance of any floor unevenness. The PROFI CHAMP Sweeper attachment can also be used for simple sweeping, without dismounting the hopper.


  • Working width:  240  /  280  cm
  • Brush: Ø 750 mm, 100 % PP-Beeline, in honey-comb shape. The dense brush ensures high durability and is well-suited for coarse dirt.
  • Stable basic frame incl. mounting device
  • Hydraulic drive by a high-capacity hydraulic motor (standard)
  • Broom with overrun control
  • Simple brush adjustment by an adjusting-lever which automatically positions the brush in the best possible sweeping-angle
  • Mechanical angling
  • Brand-named support-wheels: Ø 405 x 110 mm

Drive Forwards, Not Backwards

Tuchel sweeper and broom attachments provide ergonomical benefits for machine operators as they don’t have to look behind or over their shoulders continuously. Operators have better attachment visibility or the sweeper attachment as well as the cleaning area.

The other feature that sets Tuchel brooms apart is the fine adjustment. You can easily and quickly set the Tuchel broom to the perfect height every time! This makes the rotary brooms and sweepers twice as efficient as bucket brooms. They pick up twice as much debris for better performance and better efficiency overall!

The Tuchel-Sweep rotary brooms can be fitted to mini loaders, excavators and tractors

Why Operators Prefer Tuchel Brooms:

  • All Tuchel brooms drive forward
  • Operator doesn’t have to bend neck or twist his back
  • Picks up a lot better than bucket brooms
  • Safety and operator comfort
  • Performance and efficiency of the broom
  • Fine adjustment so operators can perfectly set it to the right height


Quality Sweeper Broom Attachment Made in Germany


Technical data 240
Working Width (straight/angled) mm
2400/2250 2800/2550
Brush ø mm 750 750
Total width mm 266 299
Required oil flow (at 160 bar) l/min 56 56
Weight simple sweeping kg
722 762
Weight incl. hopper* kg 904 957
Fill capacity l 480 550

* incl. quick hitch for wheel loaders

Measurements and weights in these specifications are approximate and non-binding

Hitch systems:

  • Quick-hitch for wheel and telescopic loaders; 3D hitch system with roller floating tunnel, height indication and pendulum adapter
  • Fork-tines attachment with quick-locking system; incl. 3D hitch system with roller floating tunnel, height indication and pendulum adapter
  • Attachment plate for unimog DIN 76060, size 3 and 5, incl. lifting-cylinder, levelling and pendulum compensation
  • A-frame or three-point linkage CAT I/II; 3D hitch system with roller floating tunnel, height indication and pendulum adapter


  • Each machine can be configured individually according to your requirements.
  • Large hopper incl. PU-lip, high-fill flap (+ 30% fill capacity), hydraulic tip and 3rd support-wheel for an equal bottom guidance
  • Oil flow controller (> 90 litres / > 130 litres)
  • Hydraulic angling (1 additional double-acting hydraulic drive circuit required)
  • Water-spray system incl. 200 / 400 litres tank and water pump with intermission function and protection against dry run
  • Hydraulic and adjustable side brush for corner sweeping (water-spray system on option)
  • Hydraulic lifting and lowering for side brush
  • Leaves deflector
  • Scraper
  • Road traffic equipment (prescribed to drive on public roads)
  • Extra colour shade

Tuchel sweeper and broom attachments are manufactured by Tuchel Maschinenbau GmbH in Germany. For more information call (02) 4272 6044 or contact us.