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Tobroco Giant Sawdust Buckets (ZV) Attachment for Wheel Loaders, Excavators & Skid Steers


Tobroco-Giant has developed a spreader bucket for sawdust which is perfect for bedding cow cubicles in an efficient and economical way. When the Sawdust Buckets ZV (ISO content of 370 litre) is equipped with the optional side brush and manure scraper it is possible to bed and brush 40 cubicles per minute and with one pass.

After putting the spreader bucket into practice, it was possible to bed 100 cubicles with only 100 litres of sawdust. This will not only save you 50% of sawdust but also economical savings of thousands of Euro’s per year. Furthermore, the health of the cows will improve because the racks, cubicle borders and mats are clean after a pass. Clean cubicles decreases the change for udder disease and problems with claws.

The ZV spreader bucket is not only suitable for sawdust but also for flax litter and rapeseed or wheat flour.


  • Suitable for sawdust
  • Incl. stir auger at the top


ISO Contents370 L650 L1,245 L
Watercontents550 L1,100 L
Bucket width130 cm129 cm144 cm
Convayorband width122 cm122 cm122 cm
Total height111 cm111 cm141 cm
Own weight285 kg280 kg340 kg
Hydraulic connections1 x Double acting1 x Double acting1 x Double acting
Compact SK



  • Sidebrush + scraper (additional double acting function required)

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